Xiang Gao (高祥)

Associate Professor

Computer Science

Beihang University, China

xiang_gao [at] buaa.edu.cn
Personal email: gaoxiang9430 [at] gmail.com

I am a Pre-tenure Associate Professor at Beihang University. Before joining Beihang, I was a postdoc at National University of Singapore under the supervision of Abhik Roychoudhury. I have been a PhD student in the same group. I got my bachelor degree of Computer Science (Elite Class) from ShanDong University in 2016.

My research is focused on using program analysis, test generation and formal method to aid users in fixing software bugs and writing programs. I design techniques to improve the quality of automatically generated programs.

Some of my projects have been in collaboration with groups at Fujitsu Laboratories of America with Mukul Prasad, Microsoft Research with Nachiappan Nagappan and Sumit Gulwani.

My research interests include:

I am looking for self-motivated undergraduate, master and Ph.D students with strong programming skills. If you are interested in my projects, feel free to contact me.

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